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Time for Change!

Sometimes we're afraid of change and what it may bring; but there are so many ways change can be great. Don't be afraid to make a change this season. When finding the perfect hair color there are a number of things to take into consideration. Your skin tone, eye color, and most importantly the underlying pigment of your hair. If your skin has warmer undertones, warm hair colors are a great choice for you ( i.e. honey blonde). Vice versa if your skin has cooler undertones, cooler hair colors are usually best for you ( i.e. Ash Blonde). Below are some before and after pictures of my model. I decided to use warm colors to compliment her skin tone. First, I went in with a balayage/babylights technique throughout her entire head. Next, I toned the hair to ensure even distribution. After I toned her hair I added a semi permanent color inspired by falling leaves. The semi permanent color was used in the event that she would to change her hair color in the future. The color is deposit only and will be a lot easier to change. Finally, I completed the color service with a smooth blowout. "You know the one I just mentioned in my previous post lol".

So what's your fall color going to be? Don't forget to comment.

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