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Bruh! I'm 29!

I recently celebrated my 29th birthday, which led to so many eye opening experiences. I don't know if I feel older, but I do know there are some things I want to take and leave behind. I realize the older I get my tolerance for negativity and inconsistency is extremely short. Like I be ovvvverr it. It's so important to surround yourself with people that keep you grounded and reel you back in when your tripping. People that can keep it 100 with you and y'all still be cool afterwards.  Every birthday I like to sit and reflect on my goals. It's kind of my happy new year. I was in the mall with my brother a couple days after my birthday and I had an epiphany. I finally understand what they mean when they say being different is ok. It's what makes you YOU. I'm can truly say I'm embracing who I am 100% and it feels amazing. In the past I moved to the beat of my own drum but I also felt a little unsure when people would comment on the music I listen to, or me not being interested in the same things they are. When In reality none of it matters because no one else is living your life except for you. I say all this to say "Don't let people define you the way they view you". (Thanks Spike). "Live your life to the fullest and live it the way you want." Welp, that's my spill for the day, until next time.

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