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Relax, Relate, Release

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm so ready to achieve some new goals. If your a hairstylist you know how intense the holiday season is. Trying to accommodate all of your clients without over working yourself, and making sure you get enough rest. Yeah, that part. Me being me, thought I could do it all in December. My body thought otherwise. It's all fun and games until you get sick. I went to Mexico for Christmas and when I got back, my body was like "you tried it". I had been going non stop for so long that when I finally tried to relax my body went into a state of shock, and to top it off, there's some type of bug going around. So instead of going out for New Years Eve, I was in the house sleep lol. I'm so not into the whole "New Year, New Me Thing" but I will definitely be taking better care of me in 2018. My current mood for 2018: "Relax, Relate, Release". Don't forget to take care of you! Here are some photos from my family vacation in Mexico.

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