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The Perfect Blow Out

Prepping: I shampooed and conditioned my hair then let it air dry for about 5 minutes.

Step 1: Apply a leave-in conditioner of your choice. I used my favorite "Unite 7 Seconds Leave In Conditioner" and "Design Essentials Silk Essentials".

Step 2: Detangle hair with a detangling brush. I decided to use my "Wet Brush".

Step 3: Blow dry the hair. I like to start by elongating my curls with my hand. This allows my hair to dry extended and shortens my blow drying time. Next I use my Denman Brush to smooth out my roots.

***Your style is only as good as your blow out***

Step 4: Spray a heat protectant. I used "Design Essentials Formation Finishing Spritz"

Step 5: Section the hair and prepare to flat iron. I tend to use bigger sections when flat ironing my hair because I like the volume it gives. It also helps my hair from getting weighed down as fast.

Step 6: Straighten the hair. I use a heat resistant comb to guide my flat iron and seal the ends. Try not to go over the hair more than twice, to avoid heat damage. One time to get it straight, and a second time to curl it.

Step 7: Pin curl the hair in big sections as you go.

Step 8: Spray finishing spray, remove pin curls, and style as desired.

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