• Richlizzie

#25: I didn't use technology for 24hrs. Here's what I learned....

We live in a society where technology is almost everywhere, and if your like me you use it a lot. I actually didn't realize how much I relied on technology until I went 24hrs without it. My definition of technology: using my phone, watching tv, using my computer or Ipad, etc. I even went a step further and didn't listen to any music because it was on my phone. LOL, Yup! I took it there.

I would be lying if I said I didn't miss using it, but the 24hrs was well worth it. By not using technology it allowed me to really think and clear my mind. Sometimes I'm so busy, I forget to have that time to myself. I don't mean like going out to eat alone and still being on your phone, checking emails, and using social networks. I mean like really having alone time where it's just you and a book, or you and an amazing meal, or you and a bubble bath. I think we owe it to ourselves to take care of our mental health and in my case that meant being alone.

Here's what I did with my 24hrs.

- I slept in

- I took a long shower

- I cooked some bomb food lol

- I started reading Kevin Hart's book: I can't make this up: Life Lessons

- I wrote out what I want, and my goals for 2018

- I added to my vision board

- I prayed and meditated

- Three words: Adult Coloring Book,

- One word: Tea

* I challenge you to have some alone time this month. Now I'm not saying turn off everything for 24hrs tomorrow, because everyone is different, for you in may be 1hr or 2hrs. If you decide to take this challenge comment below and share your experience. I would love to see what approach you take.