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1. Use a leave in conditioner that is targeted to the style you want to achieve, whether it be a natural twist out or simple wand curls.


2. Always use a heat protecting serum or product before applying heat to your hair.

3. Finish hair style with a spray on shine to make your hair more vibrant.

1. Always use shampoo and conditioner targeted for color treated hair. 


2. Use sun care protective hair spray before heading out to the beach or standing in the sun for long periods of time.


3. Be cautious of beauty products that contain peroxide. Sometimes when cleansing your face with these products they can spread to your hair and change the appearance of the color. 

1. Give the illusion of a headband by creating a braid across the front of your hair.

2. Form a braid on each side of your hair connecting them in the back of your head to hide difficult frizzy hairs.

3. Pull all of your hair back into a fishnet braid instead of your simple pony tail to spice it up.


When I moved to LA I wasn't sure where to go to get my hair done. I am very selective and knew I needed to find someone who knew exactly how to care for my hair. As soon as I met Liz I knew she was going to be my stylist. From wash & styles to colored and highlighted sew-ins, she knows her stuff. I can count on her to listen to what I want and execute it perfectly. She is my hair savior!

-Kiara Lee

Love, love, love having Liz do my hair! She's patient, pays attention to detail, isn't scissor happy and pro-healthy hair. Whatever you need she puts her all into making sure you get exactly what you want :)




-Michelle Mitchenor

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